Friday, March 15, 2013

Shamrock Green Glitter Nail Art

Hi Chicas!
Here's a 2nd St. Patricks Day nail design with easy Shamrocks and sparkle just in time for St. Patricks Day :) My shamrocks were drawn by hand with a toothpick and you can draw'em too! I hope you give these Shamrock nails a try and share your recreations with me!

Below are the polishes and tool I used :)
(L to R)
  • Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat
  • Kiss Nail Art White Striper
  • NYC: 134 French White Tip
  • toothpick
  • Black Poppy (name of the brand, my sis got it at PacSun)
  • light green Nail Art Pen (don't know the brand, but also from PacSun, came in a pack with yellow, orange and pink)
  • Wet n Wild: Hallucinate

Start by painting all of your nails with a clear base coat to protect your natural nail from staining. I used Sally Hansen's Base & Top coat. Next paint every other nail with 2 coats of a light green polish and dark green polish. 

For our cute shamrock, using your toothpick and white polish, create a small heart - chunky "v". I suggest starting with your toothpick at the top of the "v" and making 2 small diagonal lines that meet at the center, so work your way into the "v". Then make two more "v"'s on the sides of the first "v" so that you have 3 total :) and add a little stem :) For my stem, I used my white striper but you can also your toothpick.
Then, draw another shamrock on your thumb nail. 

Paint your nails with a coat of glittery polish and you're done! I hope you enjoyed these easy shamrock nails just in time for St. Patrick's Day :) and give'em a try! I'd love to see your recreations! I also have another St. Patricks day nail design with a gold shamrock and leperchaun  that you can check out here!

Stay tuned for my Baby Shower nails and cute Birthday Nails part 2! If you like, you can check out my Birthday Nails part 1 here! :)


  1. This is perfect! Can't wait to try it for St. Patrick's Day. Just in time too!

  2. Thank you for checking out my nail blog! I really appreciate it :) I wanna see your recreation! you can share it with me on Twitter or on FB!